Check Out USA Rugby’s Olympics Schedule!

The United States Rugby Football Union (USRFL) and Rugby Americas North (RAN) are proud to announce the complete USA Rugby Olympic schedule for the 2016-2020 Olympic cycles. The USA Rugby Olympic program will feature a Men’s Eagles Sevens tournament, a Women’s Eagles Sevens tournament, and a Men’s and Women’s Rugby XVIII tournament. The Men’s Eagles Sevens and Men’s Rugby XVIII tournaments will be held as part of the Olympic program, while the Women’s Eagles Sevens and Women’s Rugby XVIII tournaments will be qualification tournaments for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The complete USA Rugby Olympic schedule is as follows:

2016 Men’s Eagles Sevens:

June 9-10 – Hong Kong

June 23-24 – Singapore

July 7-8 – Tokyo

2016 Men’s Rugby XVIII:

November 4-5 – Dallas

November 11-12 – Houston

November 18-19 – San Diego

2017 Men’s Eagles Sevens:

June 2-3 – Sydney

June 9-10 – Dubai


Usa Rugby Olympics Schedule

USA Rugby will be competing in the Olympics in Tokyo this summer. The USA Rugby Olympic schedule includes the Women’s Rugby 7s, which will take place on July 25-27, and the Men’s Rugby 7s, which will take place on July 30-August 1. The USA Women’s team will face off against Australia, Fiji, Japan, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom in their pool, and the USA Men’s team will compete against Argentina, France, Kenya, and Spain in their pool. Both teams are expected to give a strong showing in the tournament, and the Women’s team is the reigning Olympic Champion. USA Rugby fans can look forward to some exciting Olympic action this summer as the Eagles go for gold.

Overview of USA Rugby’s Olympic History and Success

The United States of America has a proud and storied history of success in the Olympic Games, and rugby is no exception. USA Rugby has seen its fair share of success over the years, with several medals won in Olympic competition. The USA men’s team has earned three bronze medals, in 1924, 1932, and 1960, and the women’s team won a silver medal in 2016.

The USA men’s team first competed in the Olympic Games in 1924, in the inaugural rugby tournament. The team finished in third place, earning the bronze medal behind the gold-medal-winning French team and the silver-medal-winning New Zealand team. The USA team was led by the legendary Harold “Mike” Eagan, who scored two tries in the final match against Australia.

Check Out USA Rugby's Olympics Schedule!

The USA men’s team returned to the Olympic Games in 1932, and this time they managed to finish in first place. Led by captain and future Hall of Famer Joseph “Joe” Donnelly, the USA team defeated France in the final match to take the gold medal. This was the first and only time the USA team has won gold in Olympic rugby competition.

In 1960, the USA men’s team returned to the Olympic Games and once again earned the bronze medal. Led by legendary head coach Ray Barbee, the USA team defeated France in the semifinal match to reach the medal round. They were then defeated by the eventual gold medalists, Australia, in the final match.

More recently, the USA women’s team made history at the 2016 Olympic Games by winning their first-ever silver medal. The team was led by head coach Ric Suggitt, and they defeated France in the semifinal match to reach the medal round. They then lost to New Zealand in the final match, but the silver medal was still a huge achievement for the USA team.

USA Rugby has a long and successful history of competing in the Olympic Games, with several medals won over the years. The men’s team earned bronze medals in 1924, 1932, and 1960, while the women’s team won their

USA Rugby’s Upcoming Olympic Schedule

The United States Rugby team is gearing up to make an impact in the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo. With the recent success of the team in the World Cup, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Olympics. USA Rugby has released the team’s schedule for the Olympic tournament and it looks like the Americans are ready to take on the world.

USA Rugby will be entering the Olympics with high hopes, and their schedule reflects that. The team will begin the tournament with a match against Japan on July 26th. This will be closely followed by a match against South Africa on July 29th. The USA will then have a break from the tournament before they face off against Tonga on August 1st. The final two matches of the tournament will be against France on August 4th and New Zealand on August 7th.

The United States team is looking to make a statement in the Olympics. With a strong lineup of experienced players, the Americans are confident in their chances of making it to the medal round. However, their opponents in the tournament are all formidable foes, and the team will need to be on their best form if they wish to make it to the medal round.

USA Rugby is putting a lot of emphasis on the Olympic tournament. The team has made sure to schedule time for rest and recovery between matches, as well as plenty of time for additional training and practice. The team’s coaches and staff have been working hard to ensure that the players are in top shape for the tournament.

The United States Rugby team is looking to make a mark in the Olympics and they’re doing everything they can to make sure they’re ready for the tournament. With the Olympics just around the corner, all eyes will be on the United States to see if they can make it to the medal round.

Preparations for USA Rugby’s Olympic Schedule

As the Summer Olympics rapidly approach, USA Rugby is hard at work preparing for the event. With the recent announcement of the Olympic schedule, USA Rugby is working to ensure that all of their athletes are well-prepared and ready to compete.

The first step in USA Rugby’s Olympic preparation is to make sure that all players are up-to-date on their Olympic eligibility requirements. This includes making sure that all athletes are within the required age range, have the required amount of international experience, and are cleared by their national federations. Once these requirements have been met, the athletes can begin their individual training and development.

In the weeks leading up to the Olympics, USA Rugby will be focused on refining the athletes’ game plans and tactics. They will be working to ensure that the athletes are familiar with the competition and have a comprehensive understanding of what their opponents will be doing on the pitch. USA Rugby will also be looking to ensure that the athletes are in top physical condition and can perform at the highest level possible.

USA Rugby has also taken steps to ensure that the team is well-prepared mentally. The organization has put together a program of mental health and wellness that includes regular counseling sessions with a designated psychologist. This program will help the athletes to stay focused, motivated, and ready to compete.

Finally, USA Rugby will be focused on ensuring that the athletes have the necessary tools and resources to compete at the highest level. This includes providing athletes with the best coaching, nutrition, and training equipment available. The organization has also put together a comprehensive program of travel and accommodation for the athletes during the Olympic Games.

USA Rugby’s preparation for the Olympics is a crucial part of their success. With the athletes well-prepared and ready to compete, USA Rugby is poised for a successful showing at the event. With their Olympic schedule in hand, USA Rugby is sure to put in the hard work necessary to bring home a medal.



The United States will be participating in the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Rugby League World Cup 2021. The Rugby World Cup 2019 will be hosted in England and Wales while the Rugby League World Cup 2021 will be hosted in Australia.