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United Skates of America is a chain of roller skating rinks in the United States. The company was founded in 1976 by Jack and Jill Cole, who started with one rink in New Jersey. Today, there are United Skates of America locations in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. 

United Skates of America offers a variety of skating experiences, from open skate sessions to birthday parties to competitive leagues. The company is also known for its innovative skating programs, such as the Learn to Skate USA program and the Roller Derby 101 program. 

In addition to its skating rinks, United Skates of America also operates a skate shop and an online store. The company’s mission is to "provide a fun, safe, and family-friendly environment for people of all ages to enjoy the sport of roller skating."

United Skates Of America

The United Skates of America is a term that is often used to describe the vast and diverse skating culture in the United States. Skating culture in the United States is comprised of a variety of different disciplines, including roller skating, ice skating, skateboarding, and more. Skating has become an incredibly popular pastime with people of all ages, and it has become a powerful tool for self-expression, creativity, and exercise. The United Skates of America is a reminder of the culture and diversity of skating, and it is a symbol of the thriving and ever-evolving skating community in the United States.

Popularity and Cultural Impact of Roller Skating

The United Skates of America has become an iconic symbol of the joys of roller skating and its immense popularity and cultural impact. From the days of early wooden wheels and metal frames, to the modern-day, high-tech, lightweight materials, roller skating has evolved into an art form and a pastime enjoyed by people of all ages.

The cultural impact of roller skating is evident in the variety of artistic expressions that have arisen from it. From the intricate moves of figure skating, to the energetic choreography of roller derby, to the upbeat music of roller disco, roller skating has inspired a variety of creative outlets. Moreover, roller skating has become a popular form of recreation and exercise, with urban and outdoor parks and skate parks offering enjoyable places to skate.

The popularity of roller skating is further reflected in its mainstream appeal. In recent years, roller skating has become a popular form of entertainment on TV and in movies, with a resurgence of interest in the sport. From the classic film “Rollerball” to the modern-day “United Skates of America” documentary, roller skating has made its way into pop culture.

The United Skates of America documentary chronicles the history and culture of roller skating and its impact on the lives of skaters and their communities, highlighting both its highs and lows. Through interviews with skaters and music from the era, the film captures the joy and excitement of the roller skating experience. It also shines a light on the struggles of skating in certain areas that have seen a decline in the number of roller skating rinks.

The United Skates of America documentary is an important reminder of the importance of roller skating and its immense popularity and cultural impact. For those who are unfamiliar with the sport, it provides an entertaining and informative look at the history and culture of roller skating. For those who are more experienced, it serves as a reminder of the joys of skating and the power of its community. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, the United Skates of America documentary is a must-watch for anyone interested in learning more about the history and culture of roller skating.

The Role of Roller Skating in Music and Art

Experience the United Skates Of America Now!

Roller skating has long been intertwined with music and art, and its influence can be felt in many genres of music and styles of art. From the iconic roller rink jams of the 1970s to the contemporary rap and hip-hop anthems of today, roller skating has been an integral part of the musical and artistic landscape for decades.

The first roller rinks in the United States were established in the late 1800s, and by the early 1900s, roller skating had become a popular pastime for Americans of all ages. Roller rinks were often accompanied by live music, from ragtime to jazz, and it wasn’t long before roller skating had become closely associated with music.

In the 1970s, roller rinks became a popular destination for “roller skating jams,” where DJs would spin classic soul, funk, and R&B records and young skaters would show off their moves. The skaters and the music became intertwined, creating a unique and exciting atmosphere that was unlike anything else.

In the 1980s and 1990s, roller skating was embraced by the hip-hop and rap communities, and as the music evolved, so did the skating. Skaters could be seen showing off their moves to the latest rap and hip-hop songs, and the roller rink became a popular destination for both skaters and music fans.

Today, roller skating continues to be a major influence on music and art. Many popular rap and hip-hop artists have made references to roller skating in their songs, and more and more rappers and hip-hop artists are taking up roller skating as a hobby. The popular documentary United Skates of America even explored the impact of roller skating on popular culture.

Roller skating has always been an important part of music and art, and it continues to be so today. Skaters are still showing off their moves to the latest hip-hop and rap songs in roller rinks around the country, and it’s clear that the influence of roller skating on music and art will continue for many years to come.

Roller Skating Venues Across the United States

The United States is home to a plethora of roller skating venues, from classic rinks to modern attractions. From the iconic roller rinks of California to the neon-lit rinks of Florida, the U.S. has something for everyone when it comes to roller skating!

California is home to some of the most iconic roller skating venues in the United States. The Skateland in Santa Monica is an old-school classic roller rink with a classic Americana feel. With its vintage wood floors, classic organ music and neon lights, it’s the perfect place to skate the night away. Other classic rinks in California include World on Wheels in Los Angeles, the Skateway in San Francisco, and Skate City in Anaheim.

Texas is also home to a wide variety of roller skating venues. The Skatin’ Place in Dallas is a great place for the whole family, with its huge indoor rink, arcade, and snack bar. In Houston, the Skate Park of Texas offers a huge indoor rink and a wide selection of skateboards, longboards, and rollerblades.

If you’re looking for a more modern roller skating experience, Florida is the place to be. With its neon lights and thumping music, the Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale is perfect for a night out. The Fun Spot America in Orlando is another great option, with its massive indoor rink and state-of-the-art lighting and sound system.

No matter what you’re looking for, the United States has a roller skating venue for you! Whether you’re a fan of classic wood floors or modern neon lights, there’s something for everyone. So lace up your skates and get ready to roll!



The documentary "United Skates of America" highlights the struggles of the roller skating community in the United States. It demonstrates how roller skating culture has been suppressed and excluded from mainstream culture, and how roller skating rinks have been closing down at an alarming rate. The film also highlights the strength and resilience of the roller skating community and how they are fighting to keep their culture alive. Overall, "United Skates of America" serves as a powerful testament to the importance of preserving minority cultures and protecting the rights of those who face systemic oppression.