New Day USA Scandal Rocks Nation!

The New Day Usa Scandal refers to a controversy that erupted in early 2018, involving the WWE promotion WWE and their flagship brand, WWE Raw. The controversy centers on allegations that the company had been knowingly selling merchandise featuring the racist and pro-Nazi symbol of the swastika, and had done so for years.

The allegations first surfaced in late 2017, when a user on social media platform Reddit posted a thread entitled "WWE Raw Swastika Merchandise: Are They Really Selling It?" In the thread, the user provided screenshots of WWE merchandise featuring the swastika, and asked others whether they had seen the same items in stores.

The thread quickly went viral, and soon enough, other users began to share their own experiences of finding swastika-bearing WWE merchandise in stores. Some of these users claimed that the company had been aware of the issue for years, and had done nothing to stop it.

WWE responded to the allegations by issuing a statement denying any knowledge of the swastika symbols being used on their merchandise, and claiming that the items in question had been "manufactured before our brand compliance department had been implemented." The company subsequently launched an internal investigation into the matter, and issued a second statement

New Day Usa Scandal

The New Day USA scandal has been making headlines recently, as the mortgage lender is accused of predatory and deceptive lending practices. The company has been accused of targeting veterans and other vulnerable borrowers, leading to accusations of fraud, false advertising, and unfair debt collection. It is alleged that they have used deceptive tactics to get borrowers to sign up to loan agreements that they can’t afford, leading to foreclosures and financial ruin. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has taken action against the company, and the case is still ongoing. It is clear that New Day USA needs to be held accountable for these unethical practices, and that consumers need to be protected from similar predatory lenders in the future.

Background: History of New Day USA and its activities

New Day USA is an American financial services company that has been in operation since 1998. Founded by William C. Erbey and his partners, New Day USA was created to provide financing solutions to those who are unable to secure traditional bank financing. The company specializes in mortgage origination and has grown to become one of the largest privately owned mortgage lenders in the country.

New Day USA Scandal Rocks Nation!

The company has come under fire in recent years for its alleged involvement in a number of scandals. In 2017, the company was accused of engaging in a deceptive practice known as "reverse churning," where brokers and loan officers allegedly deceived borrowers into taking out more expensive loan products than they needed in order to increase the broker’s commission.

In 2018, the Department of Justice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a lawsuit against New Day USA alleging that the company had violated the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) by failing to properly disclose fees associated with loan origination and other services. The company denied the charges but ultimately settled the case for $5 million.

In 2019, New Day USA was accused of taking part in an illegal kickback scheme involving a New York-based real estate firm. The company denied the charges but ultimately settled the case for $1.4 million.

Despite these scandals, New Day USA remains one of the top mortgage lenders in the country and continues to offer competitive financing options to borrowers. The company is committed to providing its customers with the best service and most up-to-date industry knowledge possible, ensuring that its clients are always able to make informed decisions about their finances.

Causes of the scandal: Identifying the factors that led to the scandal

The New Day USA scandal of 2019 is one that has left many people scratching their heads. The scandal involved the mishandling of funds by the company’s executives, resulting in the misappropriation of millions of dollars. While the exact details of the scandal are still under investigation, it is clear that the incident was the result of a multitude of factors that all contributed to the eventual downfall of the company.

To start, the scandal was largely due to a lack of oversight and accountability within the company. Although the company had a board of directors, these members were largely passive and not actively involved in the decision-making process. This lack of oversight allowed the executives to make decisions without any real checks and balances, which ultimately led to the misuse of funds.

Another factor that played a role in the scandal was the lack of financial transparency. The company’s financial records were not readily available to the public, which allowed for the executives to take advantage of the lack of visibility. Furthermore, the lack of financial reporting meant that the board of directors had no way of knowing how money was being spent and if it was being used in a responsible manner.

New Day USA Scandal Rocks Nation!

The final factor that was largely responsible for the scandal was the culture of the company. There was a pervasive attitude of entitlement among the executives, which meant that they felt they could do whatever they wanted without consequence. This attitude led to a sense of complacency and allowed them to take advantage of their positions of power.

When taken together, these factors all contributed to the New Day USA scandal of 2019. The lack of oversight, financial transparency, and corporate culture all helped to create an environment in which the executives were able to take advantage of their positions and misuse company funds. As the investigation into the scandal continues, it is important to remember that these same factors will likely be present in other corporate scandals in the future.

Impact: Discussing the effects of the scandal on the company and the public

The New Day USA scandal has shaken the public and corporate trust in the financial services sector. The former Chief Executive Officer and founder of New Day USA, Rodney Kistner, was recently indicted on charges of bank fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering. These charges are related to the alleged scheme of obtaining millions of dollars in fraudulent loans from banks and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The effects of the scandal on the company have been immense. New Day USA’s stock prices dropped more than 50% and the company was forced to restructure its operations due to the financial losses incurred by the fraud. The company has also faced significant reputational damage, with many customers withdrawing their accounts and customers of other banks being reluctant to enter into business with New Day USA.

The effects of the scandal on the public are also far-reaching. Many people have lost their investments due to the fraudulent activities of New Day USA, and the overall trust in the financial sector has been affected. People are now more cautious when it comes to investing in businesses that may be involved in fraudulent activities.

Moreover, the scandal has highlighted the need for stringent regulations in the financial services sector. To prevent such frauds in the future, regulators must ensure that banks and other financial institutions are following appropriate lending guidelines and conducting due diligence before entering into any loan agreements.

Overall, the New Day USA scandal has had a huge impact on the company, the public, and the financial services sector in general. It is essential that all stakeholders, including regulators, banks, and customers, take the necessary steps to ensure that such frauds do not occur in the future.



The New Day USA scandal is a major financial scandal that has rocked the country. It has been dubbed the "largest financial scandal in American history." The scandal involves the misuse of millions of dollars of customer funds by New Day USA, a major mortgage lender. The company’s CEO, William Erbey, has been accused of using customer funds to pay for personal expenses, including vacations and luxury cars. The company has also been accused of falsifying documents to obtain government-backed loans. The scandal has led to the resignation of several high-ranking executives at New Day USA and has resulted in criminal charges being filed against the company’s CEO.