Team America World Police: How It’s Saving the World

Team America World Police is a 2004 American satirical comedy film, directed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, that follows an American paramilitary police force called Team America who attempt to save the world from a terrorist organization. The film is a spoof of big-budget action films, with the main characters being marionette puppets. The team is led by Spottswoode (voiced by Parker) and includes members Sarah, Joe, and Chris, who are all voiced by Parker, Stone, and Kristen Miller. The team is tasked with protecting the world from the terrorist group the Film Actors Guild, led by Alec Baldwin and Kim Jong-il (also voiced by Parker). The film also features musical numbers with classic rock, pop, and musical theatre influences, and lampoons the politics of the Bush administration and the attitude of the United States towards terrorism and foreign countries.

Team America World Police

Team America World Police is a 2004 satirical comedy film about an international police force that attempts to save the world from terrorism, with a patriotic twist. It was written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and directed by Parker. The movie follows the Team America as they travel around the world fighting evil. The film is a parody of modern-day American foreign policy and uses a variety of different media to make its point. While it is certainly not for everyone, Team America World Police is a hilarious satire that has become a cult classic. Its blend of comedy, action, and political satire make it a must-see for fans of both genres.

Overview of the film

Team America World Police is an American action-comedy film released in 2004 by Paramount Pictures. Directed by Trey Parker and co-written by Parker and Matt Stone, the film follows an international police force who travel the world in order to prevent terrorist plots. The film features an ensemble cast of puppets, most of whom are voiced by the two creators.

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The film follows the Team America, a rag-tag group of heroes led by the stoic but fearless leader Spottswoode. The team consists of four other members: Sarah, Chris, Joe and Lisa. Together, the team travels to various locations around the world in order to prevent terrorists from carrying out their plots. The team is often accompanied by the political analyst, I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E., who provides intelligence and insight into the team’s mission.

The Team America is often met with resistance from the citizens of the countries they visit. The citizens are often suspicious of the team’s true intentions, with some believing that the team is actually working to destabilize the countries they visit. Despite the tension, the team continues to work to protect the world from the terrorist threat.

Team America World Police is an action-comedy that offers a unique take on the action genre. The film features a combination of action sequences and comedy, as well as an interesting use of puppetry. The film was well-received by critics, who praised the film’s unique style and sense of humor. The film was also a success at the box office, grossing over $50 million in the United States.

Overall, Team America World Police is an entertaining and unique action-comedy that offers a unique take on the action genre. The film is filled with comedy, action and a unique use of puppetry, and is sure to entertain audiences of all ages.

Cast and Characters

Team America: World Police is an iconic satirical film from 2004 that follows an elite international police force as they travel across the world to fight the forces of evil. Starring an impressive cast of puppet characters, the film lampoons the War on Terror and other global political issues.

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The team is led by the gruff yet lovable Spottswoode, who takes on the role of the grizzled veteran leader of the group. His right-hand man, Joe, is the team’s resident ladies’ man and provides a comedic counterpoint to Spottswoode’s seriousness. The team is rounded out by Sarah, a tough but beautiful female agent; Lisa, the team’s tech expert; and Chris, a hot-headed maverick who often gets into trouble.

The team faces a variety of enemies throughout the film, including North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il and his terrorist forces, as well as a mysterious international organization known as the Film Actors Guild. The film’s action sequences are often over-the-top and silly, but the stakes remain high as the team attempts to save the world from destruction.

The film was praised for its sharp satire and witty dialogue, and its visual effects have aged surprisingly well. The puppetry used for the characters is surprisingly lifelike and full of character, and each character is voiced expertly by a talented cast of actors, including Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Kristen Miller, and others.

Team America: World Police is a hilarious and often thought-provoking film that remains as relevant today as it was when it was released. The memorable characters and clever writing continue to make it a fan favorite, and it stands as a testament to the power of satire in film.

Production and Filming

Filming for "Team America: World Police" took place over a two-month period in the summer of 2003. Production was based in Los Angeles, while locations were filmed in both the United States and abroad. The majority of the film was shot in the Culver City area of Los Angeles.

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The production team used a variety of techniques to bring the world of Team America to life. One of the most impressive techniques was the use of digital compositing to create the large-scale miniature sets for the film. The miniature sets were created using a combination of model building, CGI and motion control cameras. This allowed the production team to create incredibly detailed and realistic miniature sets that could be used for many of the action sequences.

The team also used a variety of special effects techniques, including green screens, matte paintings and puppetry. The puppet sequences were especially impressive, as they allowed the production team to bring the characters to life in a unique and creative way.

The production team also used a variety of techniques to create the unique look of Team America. This included the use of high-contrast lighting, as well as the use of color filters to create a gritty, realistic atmosphere. They also used a variety of camera angles and lenses to create the dynamic and energetic feel of the film.

Overall, the production and filming of "Team America: World Police" was an incredibly complex and challenging process. The production team had to use a variety of techniques to bring the world of Team America to life, and the end result was an incredibly entertaining and visually stunning film.



Team America World Police is a controversial film that has been praised for its satire and criticized for its graphic violence and offensive language. The film follows the exploits of an elite counter-terrorism force as they battle terrorists around the world. While the film is full of action and humor, it is also very violent and contains offensive language.